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 Two Remix Releases

posted on 2015-12-13 18:00:00

It has been a while since my last remixes, but today I have to announce two fabulous and brand new remix releases. Be sure to check these out.

The first one is On The Run, originally an indie pop song by Parklake which was released on their Terraforming debut EP. I have contributed an synth-pop / electro-pop remix to their remix EP. You can listen to the whole EP at the Soundcloud profile of Emerald & Doreen.

Picture by Emerald & Doreen.

The other remix is also a contribution to a remix EP, but on Vectica Recordings. My remix of One Moment For A Teardrop will be released on December 15th together with remixes of Third Harmonic, Trissed and Luca de Maas. The song is an uplifting trance anthem with dramatic vocals written by Sonority SLB and Stuart Allen.

Picture by Vectiva Recordings

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